线上买球app很高兴你正在考虑线上买球平台的教育, 在孩子关键的高中阶段给予他们鼓励和支持.

At Yavneh College, we appreciate that starting secondary school is an important milestone and one which can often cause anxiety amongst both parents and pupils.  顺利过渡到中学为成功的中学生涯铺平道路.  As such, we have put a great deal of time and thought into helping to make the transition from Primary school to Yavneh College a smooth one.

Below are a range of frequently asked questions and common concerns parents have about how the School deals with transition together with explanations of how we will deal with your child’s move to Yavneh College.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming your child to Yavneh College and inspiring them to become the very best that they can be both academically and as a person.

Mr Cordara
Assistant Headteacher

  • 你是如何帮助我的孩子适应环境的?

    The first time your child will come to Yavneh College will be to sit their Cognitive Assessment Tests around April time but, we will let you know the exact date.  The information we receive from these tests is invaluable and helps us to understand your child’s learning needs and strengths.  这些测试不是可以(或应该)进行的!),线上买球app试图让这个过程尽可能轻松.  On this day, pupils will get to meet each other, 在校园里寻找他们的路,并在一天的课程中得到茶点.  The day will run from approximately 8.45 until 13.30.  

    7月6日星期四是全国范围的过渡日.  今天是线上买球平台为新生举办的品尝日.  Pupils move from class to class as they would on a normal school day and they get to try out some lessons Yavneh College style!  In this way pupils will begin to get a feel for their way around the school and the manner in which a school day functions.  This day will also include a more thorough tour around the school with a Year 7 buddy (a pupil who is coming to the end of their first year at Yavneh College) who will also be able to answer any questions from a pupil’s perspective!

    Later that evening, 线上买球app将邀请所有家长进入学校,听取他们需要知道从高级团队.  By the end of that day, your child will know who is in their form class and you will be given a Form List and Neighbours List which will help you organise rotas, 还有在孩子上学之前给他们安排“玩耍日”.
    在暑假期间,对于家长或Yavneh学院协会(Yavneh College Association)来说,这是很常见的, the parents’ association) to organise a social event for the incoming Year 7s to help prospective pupils to get to know one another.  这并不意味着你的孩子在第一天就不会紧张,但是, 线上买球平台对他们来说也不是一个完全陌生的实体.
    Furthermore, the first day that your child puts on their new uniform and comes to school they will not be overwhelmed by all the ‘bigger kids’ as we have Year 7 in for an orientation day by themselves on Tuesday 5th September 2017.  We explain how their timetable works, 线上买球app向他们展示教室的位置,帮助他们了解如何组织.  线上买球app也和他们谈论安全和自信地往返学校的事情.  家长们总是说,他们的孩子在这些课程中感到多么安心.

    After a few weeks, 整个七年级的学生都和年度校长霍奇金森先生一起进行了充满乐趣的活动, 七年级的导师和牧领经理Chweidan女士.  这一天对于学生们来说是非常宝贵的,可以让他们真正成为一个学年的学生.  他们可以互相帮助解决问题,翻过墙,更重要的是,建立友谊.

    Throughout their time at Yavneh College pupils are repeatedly reminded about the Pastoral Managers and the manner in which they can help pupils deal with any problems, upset or concerns and never is this more the case than for a Year 7 pupil in the first few weeks of the school year.   你的孩子可能会在他们参观你孩子的小学时遇到Chweidan夫人或Hodgkinson先生.  Year 7s know that they will see their form tutor every morning and that they can turn to them if they feel that they need additional support – but they also know that Mrs Chweidan is also available to offer extra support in settling in.

  • 你如何确保你理解我的孩子作为一个个体?

    We spend a lot of time making sure that we understand your child as best as we can before they start at Yavneh. As already mentioned, Mrs Chweidan or Mr Hodgkinson is likely to visit your child in their primary school and speak to your child’s year 6 teacher about their needs, talents, friendships and individual needs. They may also meet your child and ask them about themselves and answer any questions they have about secondary transfer in the attempt to allay as many fears as possible as early as possible.

    You and your child will also be invited in to meet with the Headteacher who will also want to hear all about your child. 你也可以提出任何你可能对你的孩子或, 转会过程直接和他进行.

    Form tutors at Yavneh College hold one to one mentoring sessions with their tutees on average once every six weeks. This ensures that your child’s tutor will know your child really well – as will many of their subject teachers.  如果您有任何问题,也可以联系您孩子的班主任或Chweidan女士.

  • What if my child has special needs?

    Be assured that we will learn a lot about your child from the primary visits as described above and you will also be able to discuss your child with the Headteacher when you meet. Our SENDCo works closely with the primary SENDCo to make sure that all information is handed over carefully and that we can continue supporting your child as best as we can.  线上买球app为SEN学生举办了一个小型的入学仪式,线上买球app认为他们将从中受益最大.  They meet the key members of the SEN department and are helped to feel more familiar with their prospective environment.  例如,如果你的孩子被诊断为ASD, or you simply feel that this would be of benefit to your child please do not hesitate to get into contact with our SENDCo

  • 线上买球app怎么知道线上买球app的孩子安顿好了呢?

    您可以通过电子邮件或致电Chweidan女士或, 如果您对您的孩子有任何担忧,请向您孩子的班主任咨询.  如果线上买球app觉得您的孩子正在努力适应学校,那么线上买球app肯定会联系您, 但请放心,没有消息就是好消息!  线上买球app将在秋季学期很快给你寄去一份结算报告, 您也将被邀请与您孩子的班主任见面.  In this way you will be able to put a face to a name when your child is talking about their form tutor and you’ll also meet other parents of children in your child’s form group. 这是一个很好的机会,提出任何问题或得到一些早期的反馈关于你的孩子. At the day to day level, 你将能够跟随你的孩子是如何做关于信用和借贷, 因为这些都是通过线上买球app的实时报告系统Insight记录下来的, 也就是你去亚夫尼的父母之门.

  • 线上买球app在家能做些什么来帮助线上买球app的孩子更容易地完成这个过程呢?

    Firstly, 不要太担心你的孩子开始亚夫尼-这是他们生活中令人兴奋的新篇章. 孩子们通常最担心的是他们能否交到朋友. 你可以通过安抚他们和保持冷静来帮助他们. 在开始的几周后,经验告诉线上买球app,学生们在社交方面很稳定,也很快乐.  However, 如果你认为你的孩子在几周后还在挣扎, 请务必联系学校让线上买球app知道.

    你可以通过教孩子如何有条理地生活来帮助他们适应线上买球app. It is strongly advised that you purchase your child a set of plastic wallets so that they can keep all the books and resources to do with each subject together in one place. This will help them enormously. 制定家庭作业计划也很重要. 他们会回家吃点零食,然后把工作做完吗? 他们会呆在家庭作业俱乐部,然后回家就什么都没做吗?  It is best to agree on this before the start of term so that your child knows exactly what is expected of them. Help your child learn to empty their bag out at the end of the day and repack it for the next day before going to bed! 把孩子的时间表复印一份放在显眼的地方,比如冰箱上,会有帮助. Encourage your child to practise their journey to and from school independently before term starts so that they are not anxious about where to get on and off the bus. 线上买球app的洞察家长门户,让您看到您的孩子已经设置的家庭作业那天, 任何未完成的任务以及即将到来的最后期限.  你的孩子可以使用他们自己的密码,但重要的是,你也可以.  Insight还能告诉你孩子的时间表,这对确定孩子的时间表很有帮助, and remains organised for school.  当孩子们有条理时,他们就不那么焦虑了.  当他们不那么焦虑时,他们更喜欢上学, 更有效地学习,更快地安定下来!